• Solar panels convert sunlight to DC electrical power.  In a traditional solar system, the panels are connected in series to form strings which then join to an inverter. In a microinverter solar system, a small micro-inverter is installed on the mounting rail underneath each solar panel. This is our preferred type of solar system installation since 2012. (see below)
  • The inverter /microinverter then converts DC voltage to AC mains power which is synchronised, used immediately in the home via the main switchboard, with any excess fed back to the grid via the smartmeter.
  • When electricity usage is high, you will be using your own solar generated power and power from the grid.  When usage demands are low, excess solar generated electricity goes back into the grid with your energy retailer purchasing power from you.


The benefits of Enphase AC microinverters are many:

  1. Less chance of fire due to faults, by using AC wiring potentially making the AC system inherently safer than a traditional DC system.
  2. Maximum output from every individual panel resulting in increased energy production.
  3. Individual panel production means any losses (eg: due to shading issues) are limited to only those panels affected.  Click on the video below for a demonstration.
  4. You can monitor not only the electricity your solar system produces but also your electricity consumption from your self generated power and grid power use every day by your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  5. Our Enphase solar systems are battery ready
  6. An Enphase battery storage system can be retrofitted to any existing solar system.

Power Generation and Shade Analysis via the Enphase Enlighten Monitoring:

Shading is an important factor when designing a solar system as even the tiniest bit of shading can greatly reduce the power output on a solar panel.  On an AC microinverter system, any shading eg: trees, antennas or air conditioners  only affects the output of the shaded panel/s not the complete string/system as would be the case with a traditional DC inverter solar system.

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